Over 80% of a typical company’s risk is uninsured.

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Cover your risk and protect your assets with Capital Indemnity

A captive insurance company helps you provide an alternative to traditional insurance and manage business risks.

Capital Indemnity LLC assures successful establishment of your Series Business Unit (SBU) by providing tools and guidance with the simplicity of a turnkey.

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What is an SBU?

Benefits of an SBU

Understand the benefits of controlling your own insurance protection.

Why create an SBU?

About SBUs

What is a Captive Insurance company?

A captive insurance company primarily insures the risk of its owner/parent and in turn provides investment income and underwriting profits. The main function is to realize better control over claims losses, find affordable premiums, and obtain insurance otherwise unavailable in the traditional market.

For over 50 years, many large U.S. corporations have implemented captive insurance companies in order to stabilize and control insurance costs. Obtaining better rates on reinsurance and insuring for risks or gaps in their primary coverages is another factor.

Many companies are searching for insurance alternatives as a means of protecting their assets and increasing profitability. Hardening insurance markets, regulatory, and a litigious culture have made alternative risk strategies increasingly attractive for companies of all sizes.

One consideration to be addressed in forming your own captive is the associated cost. This is where obtaining a Series Business Unit (SBU) can provide distinct advantages.

What is a Series Business Unit (SBU)?

An SBU is an independent insurance entity similar to a pure captive. The SBU owner stipulates the business purpose, coverage offerings and taxpayer election. The SBU has the ability to issue its own policies or elect to have policies issued by a commercial carrier. Although Series have similarities to a cell captive, a Series (SBU) is formed under a law that permits intra-entity segregation of assets, liabilities and ownership. Series entity law protects the assets of one Series Business Unit (SBU) from the debts and obligations of other SBUs.

Delaware is one of just a few states which allow a non-corporate entity, including Series, to obtain a captive insurance license.

The SBU is formed as self-governing company under the umbrella of a Series LLC. The SBU has the unique advantage of defining its governance mechanisms in comparison to segregated or cell captive structures and has its own Tax ID number.

Benefits of an SBU

What are the benefits of a Serial Business Unit?

Owning an SBU in Capital Indemnity enables you to operate an insurance company designed specifically to your needs. With your SBU, your organization owns and operates an independent insurance company.

Capital Indemnity LLC combines the benefits of traditional captives and other captive types while eliminating the disadvantages, such as the need to retain separate vendors to meet state insurance regulatory requirements.

Advantages of the SBU insurance company include; the ability to customize coverage, reduce traditional insurance costs, enhance the quality of current property and/or liability coverage, build additional wealth and experience lower administrative costs. Self-governance through a Board of Advisors in accordance with Delaware regulations gives your organization more control over risk management and investment policy.

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Capital Indemnity Services

A Series Business Unit’s success depends on properly forming and accurately identifying the company‘s objectives. To achieve our client’s goals, we provide the tools, guidance, and services to help you establish your insurance company with the simplicity of a turnkey.

Our bundled services include feasibility study, business plan, Series agreements, and guidance with overall structure and implementation. Our captive department has over 26 years of experience in captive formation across many industries.

Anyway you compare, an SBU insurance company is less expensive and easier to operate than a traditional captive. Capital Indemnity offers lower administrative and start-up costs for organizations of all sizes.


SBUs are a perfect fit for smaller organizations interested in captive insurance benefits without the complexity and cost of other arrangements. Your SBU can operate under our captive license and still be statutorily and contractually protected from the liabilities of other SBUs. Asset protection is better attained in an SBU than in segregated accounts or cells.

Engaging a professional team to handle the intricacies and regulatory restrictions imposed on the insurance industry is essential in building a strong foundation.

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